“Driven by doctors, For the patients”

DocTube™ is a pure video-based patient-focused health education platform.

Powered by CLIRNET, India's fastest-growing community of doctors, DocTube™ is aiming to make the healthcare system more accessible, progressive and secure. It is a patient-centric and patient-engaging platform where thousands of doctors share valuable information to make the public more well-informed. Envisioning an enlightened and healthy India, DocTube™ attempts to create a better doctor-patient relationship while promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is an initiative to empower patients and their family members to understand diverse chronic health conditions and self-manage them proactively.

Why was DocTube™ Conceptualised?

More than 70% of Indians search for a medical condition online Approximately 70% of doctors serve in urban areas only Nearly 70% of the Indian population lack even basic medical facilities 70%

Benefits of DocTube™

Information about various health conditions on a single platform
Videos in native Indian languages
Connect with eminent doctors across India
Free platform for all