Surgical vs Medical Management of GERD

785 व्यूज़ | 13 Nov, 2023

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Dr. (Prof.) M.C. Misra , formerly the Director, AIIMS from 2013 -2017 and ex-AIIMS, Head of the Department, General Surgery, is known not only for his expertise in laparoscopic and general surgery, but also for his never-ending enthusiasm for teaching, learning and transforming.
He foresaw the need for specialized trauma care early on and established the Apex Trauma Centre at AIIMS having an experience of over 45 years.

Awards & Accomplishments
1. Commonwealth Medical fellowship in 1988 to undergo training in Trauma Care Services
2. Dr. B C Roy National Award of the MCI in 1996 for Developing Specialty Of Minimally Invasive surgery in the Country
3. Fellowship Of the Royal college of Physician and Surgeons, Glasgow and National Academy Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 2005
4. Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College Of Surgeons, Glasgow, UK in 2012 and Hon. Doctorate from Amity University in 2016
5. In May 2017 he has been conferred with the Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK
6. Appointed Advisor by the Ministry of Health & FW, Govt of India for Planning, Design and Mentoring AIIMS, Nagpur
7. Awarded IMA Eminent Medical Teacher Award for the year 2016



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