Management of Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients

867 व्यूज़ | 12 Oct, 2023

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Dr. Shubhangi Raghunath Parkar, DPM, MD (Mumbai), MSc, Ph.D. (Switzerland), currently holds the position of Dean at Vedantaa Institute of Medical Sciences in Maharashtra. For a span of 25 years, she served as a Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Deaddiction Center of Excellence at KEM Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. Dr Shubhangi Raghunath Parkar has made significant contributions to the field of psychiatry, particularly in addiction treatment. She has conducted De-Addiction Training Programs for medical and paramedical staff in multiple states. Her expertise and contributions have earned her the reputation of being a top psychiatrist in Mumbai. Alongside her clinical work, Dr Shubhangi Raghunath Parkar has authored numerous nationally and internationally recognized research publications and is highly regarded as a renowned teacher of Psychiatry in the medical community. Dr. Parkar has initiated impactful initiatives, including the establishment of the first mental health helpline in Mumbai called HITGUJ, which has provided assistance to numerous individuals in need. She also introduced Yoga Programs at KEM Hospital and conducted various community awareness programs focusing on women's mental health, suicide prevention, addiction, depression, and children's behavioral problems. <br>As a trained cognitive psychotherapist, Dr Shubhangi Raghunath Parkar's therapeutic sessions are highly valued by her patients. She is frequently invited as an expert speaker in scientific programs, conferences, workshops, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions for doctors and practitioners. Additionally, she is renowned as a Marathi literary writer, showcasing her versatility and talent beyond the medical realm....



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